On Wednesday 29 January 2020, a symposium will be held at the University of Maastricht about the Israel-Palestine conflict and the future of the Two-state Solution. The symposium is organised by StandWithUs Nederland in cooperation with thinc. The objective of the symposium is to present and discuss specific aspects of the conflict which often are overlooked in the popular discourse – aspects like context, history and security. The question is what light a balanced consideration of these aspects sheds on the future of the so-called Two-state Solution.

The speakers at the Symposium are

  • Jan van Benthem, Historian and Foreign Affairs editor, Nederlands Dagblad
  • Dr. Matthijs de Blois, Professor emeritus, University of Utrecht/Senior Fellow, thinc.
  • Dr. Fred Grünfeld, Professor emeritus, University of Maastricht
  • Andrew Tucker, Director, thinc.


This symposium is intended for students, Media reps and all people who have an interest in resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.


The Symposium starts at 3 PM and closes at 6 PM.

Information and Registration

Contact: Alexandre Vissoky, <alexandre.vissoky@gmail.com>.

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