Rebuttal to the Article: “THE IGNORANCE OF TRUMP ENVOY GREENBLATT” by Col. Res. Shaul Arieli, published on August 9, 2019 by

Senior Fellow Dr. Cynthia Day Wallace challenges the many misquotes, misrepresentations and misinterpretations by Israeli author Shaul Arieli critiquing U.S. presidential envoy Jason Greenblatt’s address to the UN Security Council. If untruths (or half truths, which are in fact untruths) are allowed to go unchallenged, and the distortion of international law to continue unchecked, a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict risks being seriously impeded.

Peace Palace - Seat of the ICJ -The Hague, The Netherlands

Towards A New International Law Paradigm

The Hague Seminar ‘Towards A New International Law Paradigm For The Israel/Palestine Conflict’, 28-29 June 2017.   The international legal framework applicable to the territorial status of “East Jerusalem” and the “West Bank” must be reviewed. This closed-door seminar is being organized to facilitate a discussion amongst experts from various nations of the legal status…