Summer School in Jerusalem

The Summer School 2020, scheduled from 21 June – 3 July, will be postponed due to COVID-19.

As the prospects of a certain relief of the circumstances that would enable the Summer School to proceed as planned grow dimmer by the day, we had no choice but to cancel the event. At this point in time our thoughts are first of all with the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic – directly as well as indirectly due to the economic consequences.

We are investigating the possibility of moving the Summer School to Jan/Feb or Jun/Jul 2021. We will keep you informed of our explorations via this site and our Newsletter.

Education is a core activity of thinc. and COVID-19 shall not stand in the way of educating people about the legitimate existential rights of the State of Israel, and the fair and just application of international law to the Israel-Palestine conflict – for the benefit of both Israelis and Palestinians. We plan to launch alternative ways of education including online education soon.

To all the people that had already registered, the speakers and other staff we say: Thank you for your commitment to the Summer School. We wish you good health during these hazardous days.

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