Summer School in Jerusalem



For INTERNATIONAL LAW and INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Students, Graduates and Practitioners


International Law and the Israel-Palestine Conflict


Wednesday 26 June – Friday 5 July 2019

Jerusalem – Israel


The Israel-Palestine conflict is perhaps the oldest and most complex conflict in the world. The State of Israel came into existence in 1948 but today many states and other international actors still do not acknowledge its existence. The situation in and around Israel may be characterised by a complex matrix of legal regimes, unresolved issues and violence. It is also a highly politicized and emotional conflict with almost intractable positions at both ends. Few other conflicts in the world have attracted such wide-ranging, rich and contentious interest of international legal academics and practitioners. There are many views in Israel and the international legal academic community about the application of international law to the conflict, as well as the relative legal merits of Israel and the Palestinians.



The objective of this Summer School is to examine how international law addresses some of the key issues arising out of the Israel-Palestine conflict. It aims to give participants a deeper understanding and insight in the international legal complexities of this conflict, set against the political, historical and religious background of the conflict.

After the Summer School the participants will be able to

  1. analyse and assess the legal aspects of international disputes, especially in the Middle East,
  2. understand the various claims of Israel and the Palestinians, and their use of international law to enforce and gain support for these claims,
  3. understand the different approaches taken by legal academics and international institutions to these claims under international law, and
  4. as a result, better understand the possibilities – and limitations – of international law in facilitating the resolution of international conflicts.



The Seminar program comprises

  • lectures – on key aspects of international law
  • excursions – fact finding missions into the field
  • seminars – application of international law to the conflict.


Program outline and Organisation

  • Wednesday 26 June – Friday 28 June: lectures and excursion
  • Saturday 29 June: off day (free, optional excursion)
  • Sunday 30 June – Friday 5 July: lectures and excursions

The evenings will be free to explore Jerusalem and include a Night Experience in the Tower of David.

The main location of the Summer School is Jerusalem, Israel. The leaders / tutors are:

  • Dr. Matthijs de Blois – Assistant Professor Emeritus, University of Utrecht
  • Prof. Dr. Li-ann Thio – Professor of International Law, National University of Singapore
  • Andrew Tucker – Director, The Hague Initiative for International Co-operation.

The lectures will be given at various locations in and outside the City of Jerusalem, including the Hebrew University.

The program includes six excursions to key locations, including the Old City, the West-Bank / Judea and Samaria, and meetings with Palestinians and Settlers.

The seminars follow up the lectures and excursions, and focus on the most important aspects of the conflict in their respective contexts – historic, cultural, military and religious. Planned seminars include ‘Territory and boundaries of the State of Israel’, ‘Palestinian Self-determination’, ‘Occupation’, ‘The status of Jerusalem under international law’ and ‘Lawfare’. The seminars will be presented by leading academics in the field.


Study materials

Students will receive a reading list prior to the Summer School and the book ‘Israel on Trial’.



The participation fee is US$ 2400. This includes: accommodation based on double occupancy, breakfast, three group dinners, excursions and teaching materials; excludes: lunch, dinner, flights to/from Israel, transit Airport-Jerusalem v.v.



Registration is closed as the maximum number of participants (27) has been reached. For further information you may email to



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