On this page you will find written and spoken (video) recommendations of several people from different academic, judicial, political and religious backgrounds.

thinc. is in an unrivalled position to make an impact and during the past three years has done so. It is now more vital than ever that thinc. continues with and expands its urgent mission of promoting a balanced application of international law to Israel and its relationship with the Palestinians. The support and advice thinc. is able to provide for lawyers, advisers and politicians is both unique and invaluable.

The Right Hon Lady Cosgrove, UK


Politicians easily get lost in emotional debates about Israel and the Palestinians. By sharing their clear-cut, thorough and thought-provoking analyses, thinc. has been a highly valuable partner in discerning facts from fiction and reality from subjectivity and animosity. thinc. has helped us putting present-day politics in the proper perspective of history, international security and international law. Together, we stand for justice and fairness towards Israel.

Kees van der Staaij, Leader of the Reformed Political Party

(SGP, The Netherlands)


In the polarized sea of international criticism towards Israel, thinc. is an independent and non-Israeli beacon of expertise that equips us politicians with a balanced interpretation of international law regarding the Israel/Palestine conflict. With its fresh and fair approach thinc. differentiates itself from the majority view, hence it is a very valuable source of expertise in my daily work.

Bert-Jan Ruissen, Member of the EU Parliament (ECRG) and Vice-Chair of

the EP delegation for relations with Israel


The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation is rapidly proving itself to be an invaluable asset for the global Christian Zionist movement. For decades, there have been many Christian individuals and organizations involved in pro-Israel philanthropy and activism, but thinc. is making vital and timely contributions to the cause through the professional level of their advocacy papers and other efforts on Israel’s behalf.

David Parsons, VP International Christian Embassy Jerusalem


I thoroughly recommend thinc. to anyone who wishes to be more informed on the subject of Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Their expertise in international relations and international law, combined with their nuanced analysis, is what is needed now more than ever. thinc.’s team of experienced legal practitioners and academics provide an astute and even voice in what can be an overtly partisan debate.

Senator Eric Abetz, Liberal Senate for Tasmania, Australia