Two years after the launch of the book Israel on Trial  by Dr. Matthijs de Blois and Andrew Tucker, the Norwegian ‘Senter mot Antisemittisme’ (Center against anti-Semitism) has published the translation of the book in Norwegian, Prosessen mot Israel.

The book reviews international law regarding self-determination, statehood, territorial sovereignty, human rights and the right to self-defense. The authors examine how international law has been used and misused over the last century with regard to the Arab/Israeli conflict, and argues that the two-state solution as defined by the UN is not required by international law.

We are extremely grateful and impressed with the work the Center against anti-Semitism has done. Senter mot AntisemittismeCongratulations and compliments, in particular to the translator, Per Antonsen and the editor, Michal Rachel Suissa.


The book can be ordered by email from the Senter mot Antisemittisme at, or thinc. at Price: € 25 + postage.




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