The European Leadership Network (ELNET) and The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation (thinc.) partner to offer a leadership training seminar to all organizations which advocate for Israel. 

The objective of the course is to empower professionals and the leadership of civil society and non-profit organisations to discern lawfare from the fair application of international law to Israel and the Israel/Palestine conflict, and to defend Israel in the international political arena. In fact, the program is open to anyone who wants to champion the fair application of international law to Israel, the Jewish people and the peoples of the Middle East generally.

The course will also make clear that the way Israel is treated, by the UN and others, has ramifications and implications for other peoples and territories in the Middle East and beyond – positive and negative.

This online program is developed by thinc. in cooperation with ELNET. It comprises 5 sessions to be delivered between 23 September – 9 December. In each session, a panel of experts will give short presentations. These will be followed by Q&A and discussion.

All sessions start at 4 pm CET.

Duration: 75-90 mins.

Click here for a complete course overview including dates and speakers.

Course material

The program follows the outline of the book Israel on Trial by Dr Matthijs de Blois and Andrew Tucker. Participants may order the book directly by email to for the special price of € 25 including postage.



Session 1, 23 September 2021 – The UN, international law and issues of legitimacy

What is international law? Why do so many people and organizations refer to international law to support their political positions? Who “makes” international law? What is the relationship between international law, religion and politics?

Topics include:

  • International Law and The Rule of Law
  • The United Nations and its institutions
  • Genesis and growth of human rights law and international criminal law since the 1970’s
  • The EU – a law-based polity: what does that mean?
  • The changing global legal order: Who is the guardian of the Rule of Law?

Dr Dov Jacobs is a lecturer at the University of Leiden. He was a PhD Researcher at the European University Institute in Florence and a lecturer in Public International Law at the University Roma Tre. He holds degrees in Law from King’s College in London, Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and Paris II Panthéon Assas. He is currently a member of the editorial board of the Leiden Journal of International Law and the senior editor of international law of the European Journal of Legal Studies.
Dov’s current research interests cover international criminal law, public international law (particularly State Responsibility) and legal theory. He holds a position as Legal Assistant on a Defence Team at the ICC. He has been involved as an Amicus Curiae in both the Afghanistan and Palestine situations at the ICC.

Prof. Gregory Rose is a professor of Law at the Faculty of Business and Law of the University of Wollongong Australia, where he is a member of the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS). He is also Chair of the University Senate.
Gregory combines academic knowledge with practical experience as an international lawyer. He was Head of the Trade, Environment and Nuclear Law Unit in the Legal Office of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade from 1994-1998 and has frequently been engaged by the UN’s Environment Program to provide expert services on international and national environmental law topics. His expertise is in international law, and focuses on marine affairs, environmental protection and national security in the counter-terrorism and maritime contexts.

Andrew Tucker (Canberra, 1963) studied law in Australia (BA/LLB), the United Kingdom (BCL) and The Netherlands.
Andrew was a Fellow of the Law Faculty of the University of Melbourne from 1994 to 2001, and Research Associate at the TMC Asser Institute in The Hague from 1996-1998. He was Legal Counsel to the European Coalition for Israel (ECI) from 2010-2019.
Since 1988 he has worked as an adviser and consultant to private companies, governments, (semi-)public entities and non-profit organizations in various fields of international law. Based in The Netherlands, he is Principal of Tucker & Associates.
Andrew is co-founder and Director of thinc. (2017), and co-author of ‘Israel on Trial’, Soest (NLD), thinc. (2018).


Dr Arié Bensemhoun has been the Chief Executive Officer of ELNET France since 2011. He is dentist by profession and made his career in the private sector as a consultant in communications PR and international relations dealing with Middle East and strategic affairs. Dr Bensemhoun plays a crucial role in the French-Israeli relationship through his commitment both at the community and political levels.

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