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This is the central question of a Briefing Paper that thinc. released on 25 June 2020. In the Paper, the authors, Prof. Gregory Rose, Dr. Cynthia Day Wallace, Dr. Matthijs de Blois and Mr. Andrew Tucker examine the question vis-a-vis four different principles of international law, and arrive at a clear and decisive conclusion.

There is a lot of controversy in Israel (and worldwide) about this. The European Commission and many others refer to Israel’s plans as “annexation” that would constitute a violation of international law. In a recent Open Letter to the government of the State of Israel, a group of international lawyers stated that “such an action would constitute a flagrant violation of bedrock rules of international law, and would also pose a serious threat to international stability in a volatile region.”

The authors have examined the question whether Israel’s actions amount to “annexation” in breach of international law. They have carried out a study of the relevant literature and interviewed a number of leading international law academics and practitioners. Their conclusion is that, contrary to the European Commission and Open Letter views, Israel’s proposed actions would not infringe international law. In other words, such actions would not qualify as “illegal annexation” of territory.

Click here to read the Briefing Paper.

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  1. Article 24 of the PLO Charter established in 1964 expressly excluded the territories now claimed by the ‘palestinians’ for statehood in deference to their sponsor states Jordan and Egypt. The entire history of arab claims and actions against Israel has been a mockery of law (international or otherwise) and arab complicity with Nazi Germany, active participation in mass murder and the Holocaust disqualifies them from any standing in the dispute or entitlement to the protections afforded by the Balfour Declaration. Similarly arab culpability for repeated breaches of every indictment issued by the IMT at Nuremberg invalidates their capacity to resort to any international legal protections. The whole saga has been part of a continuing European effort to prosecute genocide on the Jewish People under the degenerate facade of ‘law and propriety’ as a substitute for their economic self-interests and underlying ferocious anti-Semitism. This enterprise is marked only by perpetual failure as it also catalogues the infamy of its perpetrators for eternity which only serves to reinforce the need for a Jewish State that is exclusively for the benefit of its Jewish citizenship.

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