We have chosen one of the oldest powder kegs in the world, the conflict between Israel, the Palestinians and some nations in the region, as point of departure, because we see it as the most glaring case of the consistent and unabated misuse of law, and the pivot of worldwide political action. We are convinced that a fair and honest use of international law will benefit all relevant actors and stakeholders – in the Middle East and elsewhere.

We will challenge leaders, policy advisors and opinion-makers in the nations, including the decision makers in the EU, to reassess the way they rely on international law as an instrument to achieve what is in essence a political goal: the creation of a Palestinian State on the basis of the ‘pre-1967 borders’; this is lawfare. In particular, we challenge the notion that Israel has no valid sovereign claims to East Jerusalem and the West Bank. International law does not require a ‘two-State solution’ and certainly does not justify the imposition of the ‘June 1967 lines’ as borders or other conditions that threaten the security and future existence of Israel as a Jewish state.

We organize seminars and workshops for lawyers, policy-makers and (young) leaders around the world about the way international law is made and should be used. The first of these seminars was held shortly after our inception in the spring of 2017. On 28-29 June 2017 twenty-four international lawyers and legal experts gathered in the Peace Palace in The Hague for what was unanimously considered to be a highly successful ‘closed doors’ discussion on the legal status of Jerusalem and the “West Bank” under international law.

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