Who we are 

Founded in 2017, situated in The Hague – the global capital of international law – we promote the Rule of Law, fairness, international cooperation and friendly relations between nations. We want to contribute to a solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the basis that Israel is a legal democratic State under international law.

Our Mission 

We challenge the use of international law when it is misused to delegitimize the state of Israel. Our field of expertise is research and education.

How we do it 

  • Research and education: we research, inform, and educate about the use of international law. 
  • Advocacy: we advocate the rule of law to support international peace and security, and combat lawfare in the UN and other institutions.
  • Challenge: we challenge the mainstream, re-think current paradigms and explore new approaches to international law.


Besides being a Jewish national home, Israel will be recognized as a diverse, pluralistic, democratic, and dynamic society comprising people from many different religious, ethnic and national backgrounds, that offers solutions to the challenges that face the region. A new approach to international law can eschew bias and manipulation, and instead fairly reflect the historical, political and religious context within which the State of Israel was formed and exists.

Our Values

We defend the legitimacy of the State of Israel and its right to equal treatment among the nations.

We challenge existing perspectives and promote both a contextual understanding of the region (including the role of religion) and balance in the interpretation and application of international law.

We believe that the contextual, fair and unbiased application of the Rule of Law is essential to the achievement of friendly relations, peaceful resolution of conflicts and cooperation between States and peoples, in the Middle East and beyond.


thinc. is a non-profit research organization, a think tank, based in The Hague, the Netherlands. We comprise a global network of experienced legal practitioners and academics in the field of international law, who are committed to our goals.

thinc. is a foundation under Dutch law, governed by a Supervisory Board.

The thinc. network is managed by a Management Team (MT) of two Directors, viz. a Director Operations and a Program Director. The MT is assisted by (Senior) Fellows and an Advisory Board of academics in the relevant disciplines.

The foundation is guided by the following principles:

  • Protection of the right of peoples to self-determination;
  • Affirmation of the sovereign equality of nation states;
  • Promotion of core UN values, such as the Rule of Law, sovereign equality of nation states, human rights, freedom of religion and friendly relations among nations;
  • Prohibition of incitement to violence and the threat or use of force.

Working method

The key assets of thinc. are its international network of legal experts and a process-driven working method: for every activity we consult subject-matter experts in the network to accurately define the issue, identify network resources, plan the action (incl. budget) and mobilize sponsors. Once the budget is secured, the activity is initiated.

In summary, our working method comprises:

  1. identification of the issue(s)
  2. allocation of expertise
  3. acquisition of sponsors
  4. facilitation of the solution process

thinc. has the ANBI status

RSIN/fiscal number: 857611112

Your support for the execution of our mission is very much needed – and deeply appreciated!

Stg The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation

IBAN: NL15 INGB 0007 8215 39

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  • vacancy, chairman
  • P.J. Hoogendoorn, director / secretary-treasurer
  • A.E.L. Tucker, director

The members of the Supervisory Board do not receive a remuneration, expenses are compensated.

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