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The mission of thinc. is to study international law and to apply the results to the relationship between Israel, the Palestinian Arabs and their neighbors, with the objective to make a useful contribution to the political debate, and ultimately to the achievement of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.

The thinc. foundation comprises a network of international lawyers, professional academics and legal experts who endorse the goals of the foundation (thinc. Associates).


The activities of thinc. are organized in programs. The outcomes of the programs are disseminated in various ways, ranging from an online article or report to a presentation at a conference, advice to a Government or NGO, or a specific training course for an interest group (IG).

The foundation plans to develop and offer programs in the following sections:

  • Communication; online information, interviews and background stories on issues related to the ¬†mandate of the foundation.
  • Publications; articles, reports, position papers, etc.
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Consultancy; advice to governments and organizations in compliance with the goals of the foundation.
  • Education & training programs for diplomats, politicians, civil servants, academics, students and journalists.

thinc. collaborates with various partners to fulfill its mission, ranging from public diplomacy movements to law schools of renown universities.

ANBI status
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RSIN/fiscal number: 857611112

Business plan


  • G.M.C. Cremer Eindhoven, chairman
  • P.J. Hoogendoorn, secretary-treasurer
  • A.E.L. Tucker

The Board members do not receive a remuneration, only their expenses are compensated.